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I've been drawing since I was very small and spent my childhood drawing. I never wanted to paint, just draw. It wasn't until I was in my early 20s that I was first introduced to drawing as a finished art form and took to it immediately.

For the first decade, the 1970s, my work was almost exclusively pen and ink with a few in graphite (pencil). Then in the 1980s I began drawing in colored pencil.

I continue to enjoy working in all three media. But in recent years I have also begun creating new images by using Photoshop to cut up my drawings and re-imagine them as new images. You can see these digitally created drawings under the digital section.

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drawing girl in doorway untitled girl in door drawing-path The Path
drawing - patience Patience drawing-evening Evening interior
drawing-mother Mother's Winter Sky drawing-chairs untitled porch chairs
drawing - egret untitled egret drawing gator untitled gator
drawing-birth Birth drawing-angels Descent of Angels
drawing - angel Passing Angel bird untitled bird & shadows

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