drawing Some drawings are created simply for the aesthetics of the image itself and the pleasure of creating a variety of textures, patterns and shapes with the pen.

This is one of my earliest drawings after I'd started creating in the medium of pen and ink.

Actually, this was drawn from a photo of me from the early 70s, in my favorite muslin dress and fringe shawl and wide straw hat. I'm standing in the arched porch of the house I was renting, an old stone house with large trees and a climbing rose, a camelia bush and a crepe myrtle hedge.

In other words, it may not have any symbolic references, but it embraces some of the pleasures of a time when I was young and just embarking on my life, becoming some of the things that comprise "me". If there is any wider meaning for you, it might be just your own memories, if you were there, of the world of the 1970s!

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