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In 1999 I created my first digital image and have been working more in this interesting new medium increasingly in recent years. Each piece is constructed from bits and pieces gleaned from many photos. Even the figures are usually created out of body parts from different photos - like little Frankensteins!

Later, I scanned most of my drawings and woodblock prints simply to preserve them in digital format. But I then realized that the same techniques I had been using with photos, could also be used with my own artwork. I started digitally taking apart my drawings and woodcuts, re-creating new digital images which have totally new meanings and visual excitement.

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digital art Sadako digital art Boarder Crossings digital woodcut At Rest
digital art Circling Light digital art Dreams of Dreaming digital woodcut Deams of Our Ancestors
digital art Sky Dancer digital art Mother's Spring digital woodcut Diver
digital art The Gate digital art The Eye With Which I See digital woodcut Touching the Face of God
digital art Night Stream digital drawing Patience digital woodcut Dance of Life
digital art Call and Response digital drawing Presence digital woodcut The Singer

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