"Mother's Winter Sky Looking South From the Northern Hemisphere"

drawing Mother Earth, Mother Ocean, my mother and her mother and mother as a child. My mother, Muriel, was an artist who loved the natural art produced by nature: driftwood, twisted trees, colored rocks. She collected them along with wild flower seeds and wild ferns from the forest to plant in her garden.

I inherited, or learned, somehow acquired or absorbed, her love of beauty and her love of creating art about that beauty.

The great tree is broken and toppled, yet in its dying it is still beautiful. In the sky only the aqua crescent of the setting light and above it the waning moon. The stars are the constellations of the winter sky looking south from the northern hemisphere.

I created this drawing of my mother after she was well on her way into the darkness of Alzheimer's. The image of her was drawn from a photo of her at the beginning of that journey. It merged an ethereal beauty with a sadness and disquietude, apprehension.

The other forms in the image presented themselves to my mind and I included them.

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