"Dreams of Dreaming"

digtal art We sleep and dream and wake and imagine our waking worlds to be real. But the truth is, they are also dreams in other dreams and our waking is a long way off.

We imagine ourselves to be wise or ignorant, beautiful or unremarkable, successful or failures. But it is all merely our own invention. We think that by education, or effort, or skills, or good luck we can become the person we imagine ourself to be, create the life we want to experience. But it's all just a fantasy.

Each generation, each culture and society constructs and reconstructs the rules and definitions; attempting to make life real, to fashion a lasting truth. We erect institutions, religions, politics and ideologies to assure and substantiate our realities. We become so entangled in our attemtps to authenticate the world as we experience it, we fail to recognize the dream of life for what it is and find the way through to the real to which it points.

The whole purpose of this game of life is for the soul to learn how to become what it already is, a small spark of the divine reality living in the mystery of life on earth. Everything in this universe, this life, is not real in itself but is a genuine and true means by which we can break through the infinitely myriad manifestations of the temporary and finite and into the Truth from which this dream is continually materializing and into which it is incessantly dissolving.

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