"Border Crossings"

digital art There are many borders that we cross in our lives. Some take us into danger, some into love; with some we grow, with others we trap our spirits in dark places.

In this piece there are a number of visual and conceptual boundaries that are broken or transcended. There are the distinctions of interior and exterior with the bird and flower breaking through the boundaries between the two. There is a paper bird sitting on the table, a living bird flying away, and black and white birds under the trees. There are trees growing in the outside world and the potted flower restricted to its container. There is the visual edge separating the part with color from the part without color.

All of these are simply playful variations on the idea of crossing borders. But they are also meant to tease the mind into thinking about the nature of crossing boundaries. This piece is meant to start a process of looking at the world differently, of noticing when there is a dividing line, of wondering how to move past perceived limits and incorporate what is on the other side into the picture.

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