"Sabbath Angel"

woodcut Sabbath whispers a distant memory of our coming into being from the breath of God. It is the space where the mind rests; the place of listening; the opening out of the temporal into the eternal.

The sabbath is a presence that comes to us from beyond the narrow vision of our minds and speaks our true name in the stillness as we wait.

Sabbath is the gateway and the garden, it is the fragrance and the breeze. Sabbath is the place where the incessant thoughts grow silent and the heart turns and returns to the ground of its being.

For each breath of God there is an angel speaking a sacred word, bringing into being a holy moment, touching a human spirit, awakening a heart. Deep memories resonate to chords beyond our hearing and turning see within the fabric of life's tapestry angel faces.

Sabbath is a space within, beyond the reach of mind and senses, a place of waiting, of birth, it is the hand of the angel.

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